Aqua-Magic System, solar watering solution

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The Aqua-Magic System (AMS) is an automatic solar watering solution made in Italy (CLABER, specialized in professional watering solutions). With the AMS, there is no need for an electrical outlet, the solar panel powers two standard rechargeable batteries.

With this automatic solar watering system, your plants are irrigated automatically and precisely in drip mode. With a 30 L tank, you can go away for several weeks and get your Vertika back in perfect condition!

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France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Contact us for others European countries.

Aqua-Magic System is the exclusive new product by Claber which allows you to easily create a drip irrigation system for all your terraces or small vegetable patches, including those with no electrical or water supply.

At the heart of the system is the Aqua-Magic timer, equipped with a built-in photovoltaic panel which powers two standard rechargeable batteries and one small electric pump which draws the water and distributes it to the drippers.

Aqua-Magic System also includes a filter, feeding tube, drippers and everything else you need to set up a drip irrigation system for up to 20 pots in a few simple steps.

With Aqua-Magic System you can leave behind your watering can and enjoy relaxing on your terrace. Simply fill with water any standard container to ensure your plants are always well watered, without any waste.

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